Stephanie Quayle


The work focuses on the animal and the force of nature inherent within. Familiar yet distinct from man, the us-ness in their eyes masks an otherness which undermines it. A fascination for ‘animal-ness’ and pursuing what it is like to be animal, drives the making process. Direct and energetic the clay becomes inhabited rather than an image of its self.

Bringing together the untamed, exotic, wild otherness of animals with domestic objects or the civilised spaces we inhabit,highlights the tensions between man and beast and questions the boundaries of our inner animalness, drawing out an inner force intrinsic to our spirit.

Living on a farm, immersed in the countryside environment and spending time in the wilderness of the Belize, Laos and Bangladesh are raw, vital experiences which informs and drives the work. Human souls are bound up in nature, so much of our selves resonates with animals, at our inner most essence we are animal, yet we no longer recognise our place in nature, we are displacing ourselves, the more separated we become, the unhappier we become.